Pet/Animal Reiki

All animals, domestic or wild are intuitive to reiki healing whatever their size. Reiki can help speed up the healing process post veterinary treatment with no negative side effects.

Animals are far more sensitive than us humans so they are able to feel Reiki energy instantly thanks to their acute senses.  On their first experience of the energy some animals are a little reticent or startled as feel the new sensation of the energy.  However, once they have been allowed to feel and adjust to it they become relaxed and will settle happily into the session, with many falling asleep.

Animals as with equines will be aware when they have received enough healing energy and will not accept any more than they need. They will move away from the energy to finish the session.

As with horses, Reiki can benefit all animals and especially in the case of rescued/rehomed animals or those that have separation issues.  Reiki is suitable for end of life to calm and prepare for the next journey.Reiki helps to strengthen the bond between animal and human.

Initial consultation and treatment is £40.00 and can last up to an hour and a half.  After that, follow up treatments are £35.00 for an hour. These prices include 20 miles travel (40 return).